7/13/2023 – Horse Rescued From Manure Pit

7/13/2023 - 19:02 - Public Service

Rescue 22 was dispatched to the 200 block of Bomberger Rd. for a Public Service. During response, LCWC gave an update of a horse that is trapped in an underground manure pit. Deputy 22 arrived on scene and confirmed the report, requesting a wrecker from EAS Towing to respond. The horse was submerged up to its neck in the pit. With this update, Engine 22-1 also made the response for manpower. Rescue 22 and Engine 22-1 worked together with the farmer and the towing company to get a soft sling around the horse. Once the sling was secure around the horses body, the horse was lifted from the pit. The horse was very tired, but otherwise unharmed.

Assisted on scene:

EAS Towing