6/26/2023 – Rescue Assists Brickerville on Accident

6/26/2023 - 16:12 - Vehicle Accident - Entrapment *Mutual Aid*

Rescue 22 was dispatched to the intersection of 501 and Zartman Mill Rd. to assist Station 21 (Brickerville) on a Vehicle Accident with Entrapment. LCWC had multiple reports of a pickup truck and trailer that struck a telephone pole with live wires down and a person trapped in the truck. Deputy 8 (WESC) arrived and confirmed the report. PP&L was contacted to shut the power off due to the wires being live. Once power was secured, Rescue 22 assisted with extrication of the driver. The driver was transported to the hospital. Rescue 22 was on scene for 1 hour.

Assisted on scene:

21 (Brickerville)

Fire Police 28 (Penryn)

EMS 85 (Warwick)

EMS 86 (Northwest)

Photo credit to Spadaccia Photography
Photo credit to Spadaccia Photography