5/31/2023 – Engine Assists Lititz on House Fire in Warwick Township

5/31/2023 - 16:58 - Dwelling Fire *Mutual Aid*

Engine 22-1 was dispatched to the 100 block of Pepperton Court (Warwick Township) for a reported house fire. LCWC gave an update of the caller reporting the rear of the house on fire. Engine 25-1 (Lititz) arrived first and stretched a hose line to extinguish the fire. Engine 22-1 arrived and assisted with some minor overhaul. Fire was held to the deck with no extension to the house.

Units Dispatched:

Engine 25-1, Engine 22-1, Engine 24-1, Engine 24-2, Truck 25, Truck 23, EMS 85

*Note: Units were just clearing from another reported building fire (found to be minor) when dispatched to this incident.

Photo credit to Spadaccia Photography